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वेज उच्च उत्पादन के लिए एल्युमिना फॉर्म के निम्न से उच्च Al2O3 क्ले की अलग-अलग रेंज के साथ टैप होल क्ले की विस्तृत श्रृंखला प्रदान करता है  मल्टीपल टैप होल ब्लास्ट फर्नेस। उच्च एल्यूमिना, SiC और FeSi3N4 बहुत उच्च आउटपुट ब्लास्ट के लिए टैपहोल क्ले  भट्टियां (>12,000 टन/दिन)। कम दबाव वाली ब्लास्ट फर्नेस के लिए एल्यूमिना आधारित टैपहोल क्ले।



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Wedge Tap Hole Clay for Blast Furnace2.p

Benefits of Wedge Tap Hole Clay

  1. Wedge Tap Hole Clay is soft, highly plastic, workable to inject when pushed by mud gun. It is strong and hard to effectively displace tapping liquid and to deliver desired quantity of tap hole mass to the required depth in the tapping channel.

  2. Curing to get sintered at the required strength and without shrinkage to ensure a tight seal within the tap hole.

  3. Highly stable in effecting safe tap hole closure, without self opening, and without tap hole and furnace lining damage.

  4. Effective tap hole mass displacement in the injection direction.

  5. Good spreading ability in the direction perpendicular to the injection direction.

  6. Good high temperature adhesion to the constituents present in the tapping channel.

  7. Highly stable, controlled tapping stream flow without surging or splash.

  8. Durable to withstand penetration, corrosion and erosion by the tapped metal and slag.

Wedge Tap Hole Clay Specification.png
Mud Gun Mass Wedge.png